Orange County CBD: A Brand Focus Review

Unless you’ve been living in a jungle somewhere away from the news, you would have heard of Cannabidiol (or CBD for short), which is taking the world by storm. Deriving from the hemp plant, CBD is a chemical product and a rapidly growing multi-billion-pound industry. Many companies including world-renowned Orange County CBD jostle for position with a variety of products, including; CBD Oils, Gummies, CBD E-Liquids for vaping and many more.  

They are regulated under the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK. And with lots of widely reported potential benefits, from helping with anxiety and sleep to inflammation, many people now take CBD as part of their daily routine in a variety of methods. 

Below we take a sneak peek at Orange County, why they’re fast becoming one of the leading brands in the UK and where you can get the products delivered to your doorstep! 

Who Are Orange County CBD?

Inspired by a trip to the sunshine state of California in the USA, two British co-founders discovered organically grown hemp of the highest quality and invested in the idea of creating a wellness supplement brand in the UK. 

After a few years of research, development, and production, Orange County CBD was born. 

Starting the business in 2019, Orange County CBD has gone from strength to strength and is now internationally recognised as a leading source of CBD wellness products, with CBD Oils, CBD e-liquids and gummies being some of their best-selling products. 

How is Orange County CBD Created?

The process of creating each Orange County CBD product is methodical, stringent and carefully manufactured step by step. From when the seeds are grown to the delivered product at a customer’s doorstep, the entire process is seamless. 

All products are sourced from the same Californian fields discovered back in 2019. Following the transportation of those products, Orange County CBD products are then designed and manufactured in-house. 

This process before sale also includes independent third-party testing of each product at an ISO17025 laboratory to ensure maximum potential with each batch. 

Every Orange County CBD product is not made using GMOs or their derivatives for peace of mind, so it’s guaranteed as a naturally safe product. 

How Does Orange County CBD Stand Out in the UK Market?

CBD is a growing concept that’s piqued the interest of so many. This is because it’s a natural product derived from the cannabis plant that doesn’t cause a ‘high’ but is now used by many to supplement a daily routine as a food supplement. 

It’s a heavily regulated industry but still in its infancy, with people discovering how it can benefit them day to day. Meanwhile, the industry is still trying to position itself to offer products that can be worthwhile with a clear message and value. This is what Orange County CBD do so well. 

Their brand explains on their website that with a ‘robust Quality Management System, we trace all our products’ ingredients back to their origin, including batches, suppliers, and internal inputs; in short everything we do can be traced back to source from seed to shelf.’ 

This kind of transparency is exactly what customers like to see for products classed as food supplements that can reportedly aid those who struggle to sleep, find moments of stress or have challenges with chronic pain. 

What are the Different Types of CBD Products They Offer?

The good thing about Orange County CBD is it provides so many different product types to enjoy the wonders of CBD. From topical creams to apply to your skin and gummies to ingest or CBD Oil under the tongue or the fastest route of absorbing CBD through vaping (their Cali range is particularly enjoyable), Orange County is fast becoming one of the leading CBD brands for value on the market! 

Where Can You Buy Their Products From?

CBD is designed as a convenient way to supplement your daily life. It can be taken as soon as you wake up, before or after breakfast, during a moment of peace at work (if that’s possible) or right before bed. It’s entirely up to you! With Orange County CBD, the award-winning brand is available across the UK. And what better way to add that convenience to your routine than delivery to your home! 

It takes the hassle out of travelling to a store to pick up your favourite CBD product. Instead, you can pick a respected seller of the best Orange County CBD products, take advantage of their great free delivery offers (click this link for free delivery on all orders over £29.99) and kick back with your favourite CBD vape e-liquid or CBD oil

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