Handy Guide All About Vaping CBD E-Liquid

It’s likely that you’ve heard of CBD oil as its popularity with consumers is growing.

Known as the “new avocado on toast”, the CBD trend is taking off with celebrities and the public alike but it’s posed some questions as to what it can actually do.


CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, one of 60 known cannabinoids, which are a class of molecules found in cannabis. It doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive elements that are commonly associated with marijuana. Of course, we are primarily talking about the compound called THC.

You may have heard of THC already, but you might be more interested in knowing about CBD. While there are several different ways to consume CBD, perhaps the most popular is vaping CBD oil. This is the case because of the immediate and direct effect it has, along with the wonderful taste.


Even as the idea of medical marijuana has become very popular, especially in America where several states have legalized recreational marijuana too, the concept is still quite vague to many. Does this mean “getting high” is the treatment people are insisting helps them? Well, no, as we stated earlier, CBD doesn’t do that. What people are saying is that it does provide some relief to them.

CBD will not make you high, however, you may well experience effects that are very personal to you depending on why you may be taking CBD. Commonly reported by those who use CBD is the calming wave-like effects it can induce.

These natural molecules interact with the body by signalling and interacting with receptors found throughout our very own internal endocannabinoid system. Located within our nervous system and peripheral organs, the endocannabinoid system is thought to play a vital role in ensuring balanced homeostasis.


Suffice to say we recommend you do your own research on the internet to see what experiences other CBD users have noticed from vaping CBD e-liquid or using CBD oil, and then return to VSAVI to purchase your CBD preference.

I have been using the 300mg full spectrum oil for a few weeks now. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and degenerative disc disease. There’s research out there that shows CBD helps with pain, and the Vsavi oil is certainly helping me. I am becoming less reliant on opioid painkillers and can see noticeable improvements in my quality of life.”

Rob, CBD Customer

At this time, the UK and EU don’t recognize CBD as having any medical benefits, which means that it would be remiss to recommend using CBD to cure a condition.

As more people understand the effect of CBD, we can expect more of them to begin using it. When they do, they’ll be faced with a choice of how to consume it best. While there are many different ways to do so, vaping CBD is one of the most popular.


Using a suitable device for CBD, such as the XEO VOID Vaporiser or a Vape Pen can make it easy and effective to vape CBD e-liquid, oil or wax. It’s yet one more way that vaping can contribute to an improved lifestyle for so many people. Some make the switch to vaping as a way to get their nicotine. Others have also made a change and are now vaping their CBD e-liquid to help them. It’s just another aspect of the revolution of vapour that is sweeping its way across the globe.

By vaping CBD, the vapour you consume will get to your bloodstream almost instantaneously by travelling straight through to your lungs as soon as you inhale. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to get your daily dose of CBD, then vaping should be something to seriously consider.


While we suggest you get on the wonder that is the world wide web and do some research for yourselves regarding the potential benefits of using CBD, what we can share with you is the reviews from CBD users:

S KochThis is excellent for anxiety and for pain relief. Highly recommend.

R LeeThe quality of this oil is apparent almost immediately. I’m relatively new to CBD but wanted to try a fuller strength oil, and this 500mg oil impressed me straight away. It’s a lovely smooth vape, not at all harsh and has a clean, subtle flavour. After fairly regular use for my anxiety, the oil’s dependable calming effect has become a reliable tool to handle tough days and situations.

J HarrisLove this taste of this and it is helping with the pain in my thumbs and fingers from a bit of arthritis….also feeling less anxious and sleeping better. I am vaping around 6 times a day.

DeirdreI’ve not had to take painkillers for arthritis since I started using this product. I was a little dubious about taking full spectrum at first but it’s been great. I am a vaper anyway so this was an easy transition for me. Thoroughly recommend this product to anyone and I’ve only used about 1ml in 5 days, so hopefully it’s going to work out cheaper than painkillers.

H WilliamsVery new to the vape CBD route of administration, but my first reaction to this vape liquid is positive. I was hoping for quicker pain relief than from the CBD drops alone, and it does that.

Update 2021: The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cripple the world in multiple ways, especially economically. Depending on where you are reading this from, you may be out of lockdown now and trying to get on with life as much as possible. For example, as of September 2021, the UK is out of full lockdown after challenging times at the beginning of the year cooped inside homes, unless for urgent medical care or to pick up food supplies.

An unimaginable experience on a global scale – work, family life and all other pressures were contained inside four walls for months on end. In stressful situations, anxiety naturally increases while millions suffer pain mentally and physically.

From people using CBD as a daily supplement, to others using the hemp extract to help alleviate a range of niggles and pains, people using CBD in lockdown has seen the industry hit new heights and sent sales soaring. Let’s look at why more people used CBD in lockdown and why, now more than ever, you should consider using the supplement to support your general health and wellbeing.

Why Did People Use CBD in Lockdown?

2020 and coronavirus will go down as one of the most surreal times in recent world history. It’s an indirect effect on the mental health and wellbeing of billions of people struggling to cope with a new way of life, after losing simple freedoms previously taken for granted. Leaving the haven of your home became a stressful experience for many. This is still the case today, even with masks no longer mandatory in the UK. One such coping mechanism that it seems many have turned to is by using CBD in lockdown

Estimates suggest that UK customers have spent over £150m on CBD products in 2020, with a 50% increase in CBD sales from 2019. Since lockdown began, around 8.5 million people have bought CBD products or were intending to buy CBD products soon. This increase in customers using CBD in lockdown has been primarily attributed to the stress, anxiety and insomnia that people have faced during the uncertainty of COVID:19. But can CBD help with the woes we continue to experience? 

What Are The Effects of CBD?

While the medical benefits of CBD are somewhat of a grey area in the UK, there are a growing number of studies as to how the high-grade hemp extract can help ease a variety of symptoms from a variety of diseases. Studies suggest reasons for taking CBD during the pandemic included addressing issues of insomnia, attempts to relieve anxiety and managing pain inflammation, which can occur from reasons such as stress.

There are now countless products that are infused with CBD and the time it takes for you to feel the effect will differ depending on the product. Any effects your body experiences, whether positive or negative, will vary from person to person. Always consult your doctor before taking, starting on a lower dose and seeing how you feel.

Ultimately, the impact of using CBD may feel like a gentle wave of calm that travels through your body. If used topically, it may help ease any inflamed muscles or soothe any dry and cracked skin patches. 

One thing that can be said is that the relationship cannabinoids such as CBD have with the body are complex, and continue to be researched for medical purposes. Be it its anti-inflammatory properties or its antioxidant qualities, CBD and hundreds of other cannabinoids are being studied to determine how they can help a variety of diseases and conditions, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Increasing the appetite of those undergoing treatments for cancer
  • Anorexia
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Heart disease
  • PTSD
  • General pain management

The pandemic has changed the way we feel and act as a society. Working from home has become second nature, wearing masks a familiar sight as well as keeping a distance from others. This level of social separation would of course lead to uncertainty, which in turn creates anxiety and added stress. Therefore, with the properties of CBD allegedly relieving these symptoms, it’s apparent that the food supplement with supposed multiple benefits physically and mentally are here to stay, whether we enter another lockdown or carry on as we are in society.

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