Best CBD Products for Anxiety: CBD Oils and CBD E-Liquids 

In 2022, the CBD market in the UK grew to £690 million, nearly double what it was in 2019 at £314 million. And this is because of not only its reported benefits, including helping those with anxiety inflammation and sleep issues, but also due to its nationwide availability. 

You can find all sorts of CBD products online and in shops, from CBD oils you place under the tongue, to gummies that taste great and good for on the go. 

Ranging from mild to severe, anxiety is a feeling of unease that can include fear or worry about all sorts of potential problems. You can treat anxiety with medication or therapy through the NHS. But what about food supplements such as CBD? Is there one method or brand that demonstrates the best products for anxiety? 

Top CBD Choices for Anxiety 2023

CBD Vape E-Liquid – 500mg (10ml) 

One way of absorbing Cannabidiol (CBD) into the system and perhaps the most effective method is with a vape. Available in CBD disposables which are aimed at beginners, or CBD e-liquids for use in small tanks, the CBD 500mg 10ml e-liquid for e-cigarettes from Vsavi is one way of potentially tackling any anxiety issues.  

Noted for their calming effect, CBD as part of your daily routine is one way of relaxing the mind and body. But to be clear, it does not get you ‘high’ unlike cannabis, because of the small amount of THC in CBD, which is legally only allowed to be less than 0.1% THC.   

In addition, Vsavi uses a pure CO2 extraction method which is the purest form to extract the best ingredients for the best flavour. At an 80% PG ratio to a 20% VG ratio, you get maximum performance and delivery with each inhalation. 

Darwin CBD Disposable Vape – 150mg (2ml)

Next up on our list of top CBD products for anxiety, we have the lower-strength disposable from Darwin at 150mg. One thing CBD enthusiasts may worry about is the inconvenience of topping up an e-liquid tank or remembering the best moment to take CBD orally with drops. 

However, with a disposable, it’s super lightweight and convenient. Darwin disposables are great because you can try lots of different flavours to suit your personal preference. 

Examples such as cherry & menthol or sweet strawberry create plenty of different options, as well as ten other flavours.  

Vsavi Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 1000mg (10ml) 

While CBD advocates recommend you start at the lower end of the spectrum to slowly build up your tolerance to CBD as a food supplement, to maximise the effects and help reduce any anxiety symptoms, you can’t go wrong with a 1000mg strength. 

For some this might even be the first CBD oil strength you go with – it all depends on the person and their body weight, height and other factors. 

At 1000mg, adding a couple of drops orally below the tongue before bed can help to create serenity before slowly drifting off to sleep. Available in three different flavours, including spearmint, citrus and natural, each bottle produces a nice texture and taste. 

CBD Raw Full Spectrum – 2000mg (10ml) 

If you have a high level of anxiety, while CBD is not recommended as a medicinal cure for anxiety, a 2000mg full spectrum bottle containing terpenes and all the added extras naturally extracted from the cannabis plant has the potential ingredients to contribute to a positive manner. 

At the stronger end of the scale with the maximum dosage, the effect should kick in soon enough and could be beneficial for alleviating pain or fatigue, while the flavour profile is natural without any added ingredients.  

CBD Royale Disposable Vape – 300mg (2ml)

Another disposable with the simplicity needed to vape CBD comfortably whether you’re at home, travelling or doing something else. 

Available in a wide variety of flavours, the pick of the bunch is Bloody Bull, a fantastic concoction of fruity flavours to create a disposable that tastes like popular energy drinks. 

At 300mg per puff bar, there are 600 puffs and enough strength to get you started as a beginner vaping and using CBD as a method to ease your anxiety. 

Darwin CBD Isolate – 1000mg (10ml) 

Last on the list we have Darwin CBD in a different format to number two on the list in a different strength. At 1000mg, it is much stronger than the disposable range and still a type of CBD liquid for vaping, but intended for a refillable device. While some prefer oral CBD drops as the method to ingest CBD, e-cigarettes that hold CBD e-liquids remain a popular option.    

As the market and demand for CBD grows, so will the list of products. We recommend you continue to check search engines for the best products available that tick all the boxes you look for in CBD products. Whether that’s to aid your sleep routine, for anxiety or to just supplement your daily patterns, there is something for everyone in various strengths and flavours. The list above is tried and tested CBD products that provide a range of benefits to the user and we couldn’t rate them highly enough. 

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