CBD Oil For Dogs. 5 Dog Ailments Where CBD May Help

Ever get the feeling that something’s troubling your beloved hound? Perhaps your dog has an ongoing condition that you’re struggling to find a suitable treatment for. While you or I may be able to vocalize and describe our symptoms and ailments, it’s not always so easy to identify our pet’s problems. Even if we are aware of canine creature’s conditions, some medications may just not be doing the trick. Did you know that dogs and other pets may benefit from a daily dose of CBD to help them? Let’s take a look at the potential of the popular cannabis extract and how your dog may benefit from a daily dose.


CBD is one of over a hundred different cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant that has been found to interact with our very own endocannabinoid system (ECS). Found in all mammals, birds, fish and reptiles, the ECS is made up of receptors (CB1 and CB2) found throughout our body’s nervous system and peripheral organs. Playing a fundamental role in the body’s homeostasis, which is responsible for a variety of physiological processes, cannabinoids either bind themselves or indirectly interact with our receptors in ways that are still being understood.

What we do know is that where the infamous cannabinoid THC binds itself to receptors in the brain resulting yielding potentially psychoactive consequences, CBD instead is thought to indirectly signal to receptors to initiate a variety of outcomes currently being studied.

The fact that we have an ECS suggests that cannabinoids may have the potential to help our health, there are numerous studies currently taking place to understand the potential medical benefits that cannabinoids like CBD possess. Studies include anything from Alzheimer’s and anxiety to chronic pain and Crohn’s disease. While the medical and remedial benefits of CBD are yet to be recognized in the UK or EU, what we do know from anecdotal evidence is that those who use CBD products, including our pets, experience some very real benefits that appear help to ease a variety of ailments and symptoms.


Good question. Yes, CBD is a cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant, however, the kind of CBD products you see for sale will typically come from another CBD-rich source – hemp. Importantly CBD products sold in the UK must contain no more than 0.2% THC, which in the grand scheme things, might be just enough to enable something the size of an amoeba to go away with the fairies, but for the likes of you, me and the dog, this kind of quantity shall do no such harm.


Think CBD might be able to help your dog? Great for pet owners wishing to use natural ingredients as a potential dietary aide, if your pet is suffering from one of the following conditions or ailments, why not use CBD and see if they experience any benefits.

Pain Relief

From arthritic pain in a dog living in the autumn of their years to twisted ligaments procured by a pup playing excitedly, using CBD may be able to help your dog’s pain making recovery that bit more manageable.

Widely reported to help relieve signs of inflammation, CBD may be able to assist in the reduction of any swelling, be it internal or external.

Stressed and Anxious Dogs

Like humans, a stressed and anxious dog will ultimately be a pretty unhappy dog. From loud bangs to trauma experienced in their early years, dogs may benefit from CBD’s calming effects, which have been known to calm and quell anxiety.

Appetite Problems

Similarly to when we suffer from aches, pains, stress or anxiety and we lose our sense of appetite, so to do our faithful furry friends. By using CBD to relieve any of the aforementioned symptoms that your dog may be suffering from, the likelihood is that their appetite should subsequently return.

Treating Seizures in Dogs

Did you know that between 1 – 5% of the dog population suffers from seizures and convulsions? Confusing for dogs and a harrowing sight for dog owners, a daily dose of CBD has been known to help reduce the number of convulsions that your dog is experiencing.


To determine how many drops your dog may need, simply use the following equation – 1 x drop of 5% sublingual CBD oil per 1kg of weight

We are not recommending that you cease to use any medication prescribed for your pet by a professional and should be used as a supplement. We would, however, recommend having a frank and honest conversation with your vet before using and CBD with your pets to ensure that the CBD will not be interfering with any current medication your pets may be on.

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