What Happens If You Take Too Much CBD? 

Cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD, is a fast-growing product enjoyed by millions around the world. Extracted from the cannabis plant but not containing THC (which causes the high associated with cannabis), it’s now sold throughout the UK both in stores and online. With widely reported benefits such as helping with inflammation, disturbed sleep patterns and anxiety, it only continues to rise in popularity.   

However, because it’s a new product with novel food status recognised in 2019 with authorisation for sale only approved by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) shortly after, the rules about the sale of CBD products by UK businesses, and the full benefits of customers taking CBD, is still open to debate.  

A question often asked is how much a person should be taking of CBD per day, and if there are any consequences should you take too much CBD? This guide will explain all – read on!  

Why Ingest CBD At All?  

CBD is everywhere these days. It makes news headlines, the stands of your local pharmacy and can even be found in supermarkets. Classed as a food supplement, millions now implement it into their daily routine via different methods such as vaping, with CBD gummies and CBD oils placed under the tongue. Because there is very little medical research, studies or assessment to determine whether CBD is in fact a medicine.  

Instead, CBD falls under the category of a novel food item. Now authorised and sold in the UK as such, providing you find a product that is extracted correctly from a cannabis plant (ideally with the CO2 method – the most natural process), this non-intoxicating and psychoactive product reportedly helps many people in different ways.   

How Much Should You Take? Calculating CBD Dosage  

If you didn’t know already, one size does not fit all with CBD products. The amount you take should depend on a variety of factors, such as whether you’re male or female, your weight and height. As a recommendation, we suggest starting with a low dosage and working your way up to the desired effect, based on your intention to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.  

A frequently suggested dosage in one go is between 20-40mg per day. The maximum suggested from current research that a person can take (male or female) is 1500mg per day, but as we stated before, everyone is different.   

Each person will have varied requirements or tolerance levels. Even if two people took the same dosage at the same time, evidence has suggested the results may still vary based on the factors listed above of that individual. To measure the potency of the bottle you might consider purchasing, divide the total amount of milligrams of CBD inside the bottle by the capacity of that bottle.  

For instance, if you have a 500mg CBD dosage with a 10ml quantity, that will mean for every millilitre you get 50mg.  

Can You Take Too Much?  

The answer is yes. Even though there are no proven risks or fatalities to date from taking CBD, and considering it has no psychoactive properties, providing it’s passed FSA authorisation (and not illegally sold on the black market), that doesn’t mean to say you can not take too much.   

As mentioned previously, all it takes is going over the recommended limit of 1500mg per day to potentially feel some side effects, such as drowsiness, a reduction in energy levels, nausea, diarrhoea and an upset stomach.   

Symptoms may differ or not be evident at all – because CBD impacts people in various ways. To feel as you normally would each day, stick to below the daily limit and buy from a respected website or shop that tests each batch and adheres to FSA regulations in the UK.  

It’s particularly important to be careful taking CBD if you’re also taking other medications, as studies have shown. Always remember to consult your doctor before starting with CBD implementation.   

So Which Dosage is Right for You?  

First of all, it depends on your reason for trying CBD. Results vary based on the person and the quality of the product. Some may say it’s life-changing while others will not feel any difference in their mind, body or daily routine.   

Therefore, think about where you have heard about CBD and the reason you considered taking it. Was it for relaxation after a long stressful day at work? Maybe you’re an insomniac who struggles to sleep and have read reports about how it benefits people with difficulties falling asleep.   

Millions are trying and testing CBD to see whether it can positively impact their wellbeing. Considering it has no long-term medical effects from studies so far and is not linked to addiction or death, for some it’s at least worth a try.  

So, to get the right dosage, think about your personal situation, meaning your gender, height, weight and reason for taking CBD. Always start at a low dosage, and wait at least one week to see if you notice any difference. Then when it feels safe to do so, slowly increase the dosage, dividing how much you take throughout the day or all in one go before going to sleep. There is not considered a best time, so also test the impact of taking at different intervals throughout the day.   

Essentially, providing you buy the right product from the right brand and take the right dosage that suits your needs, gradually building until it’s best for you, CBD could change your life in a significant way. As we stressed earlier, consult with your doctor before taking CBD, or if you notice any side effects while taking that may be concerning you.  

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