Can You Use CBD Oil for Sleep in the UK?

Bad sleep can affect us all at any time. Whether that’s from anxiety, illness, stress or fluctuating temperatures, little to no rest impacts your life daily. As well as natural remedies and routines to help you get some shut-eye, can you use CBD oil to help you sleep? And if so, how much do you need? Insomnia is treatable with the right patterns, so let’s explore all of your options and whether CBD oil could help. 

Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

As we know, Cannabidiol or CBD, although extracted from the cannabis plant, does not act as a psychoactive compound. It does not give the effect of giving a person who takes it ‘a high’ and it’s still in the early stages of research and development. Nevertheless, initial studies suggest that the food supplement when taken as part of a healthy diet sublingually could help people in multiple ways. 

Everybody has levels of Cortisol in their body, the stress hormone which is higher in the morning and at night. Research suggests that a 300-600mg dose or more of CBD (depending on what your body can take), can reduce the Cortisol level and act as a mild sedative, meaning lower stress levels before falling asleep for a longer sustained period of rest. As well as reducing Cortisol, CBD is reported to:

However, because we see so many different versions of CBD available online and in stores, it’s sometimes a challenge to track the properties and/or benefits of taking CBD oil depending on the brand and manufacturing process.

How Much CBD Should You Take Before Bed?

In the UK, there are no laws against taking CBD and it’s completely up to you the daily dosage, whether that’s with CBD oil, CBD e-liquid you vape or tinctures. The research to date states that it’s safe to consume CBD and is recommended by many medical websites and manufacturers to start with a low dosage of around 10-20mg and work your way up to the amount that suits the individual. Taking a stronger dosage in milligrams before bed will help the individual relax more and reduce pain further but maybe too strong initially. If you work up in increments, you might get the desired results from a low dose anyway, therefore not requiring a higher strength of CBD oil. 

For the quickest method, vaping CBD enters the bloodstream at a faster rate to provide the best results if you want an instant impact. However, CBD oil may be better at night sublingually as it can slowly seep through your system at a slower rate, especially if absorbed under the tongue instead of swallowed directly. 

Alternative Natural Options to Help You Fall Asleep

While early signs suggest that CBD can help people to relax before bed, it’s not the only method at your disposal. Some obvious but often overlooked routines make all the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and feeling restless the next day at work. Examples of this include:

  • Don’t stare at LED screens before or in bed. That means no phones, laptops or tablets for up to two hours before switching off the lamp and calling it a day.
  • Try and go for a walk or exert some energy with a jog, some sports or indoor cardio to tire yourself out!
  • Switch off the mind by relaxing before bed with a book, some calming therapeutic music or a podcast.
  • Download one of the many apps to help insomniacs such as Calm
  • Keep the same sleep pattern each day – waking up and going to bed at the same time
  • No caffeine four hours before trying to sleep!
  • Do not smoke as it contains many toxins and sugars which will keep you up  

CBD Oil for Insomnia – Yes or No?

All evidence short-term at least points to CBD being beneficial to those who are seeking alternative methods to help reduce anxiety, inflammation and stress that causes a lack of sleep. However, we do not know the long-term effects or side effects that may occur with taking CBD regularly. At the moment, it’s deemed safe to take and regulated to use in the UK. it all depends on the individual, with each person reacting in a different way to CBD based on factors such as having any existing conditions, the amount they take, as well as their body weight and height. Providing you take a small amount of CBD at night before bed and supplement that with a healthy diet and following the extra methods above, rest assured you should get a good night’s sleep.

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