Does CBD Oil Expire? Yes, and Here is Why 

As of 2023, we know that the CBD market is growing at a rapid rate, and is worth just under 10 billion dollars this year, up from 6.82 billion dollars the previous year. This highlights the rise in popularity of all CBD products, from CBD oils to gummies and tinctures.  

However, like with most consumable products, there is a shelf life before something goes ‘off’ and is not possible to use anymore. CBD (full name cannabidiol) which is extracted from the hemp plant, naturally has an expiry because of where it comes from (the cannabis plant), its ingredients and how it is stored. Below we will explain what happens if you use an expired CBD oil, signs that it is not possible to ingest and how to store it correctly to avoid reducing the shelf life of a CBD product. 

What Happens if You Have an Expired CBD Oil? 

First, we can’t stress enough how important it is that you check the date of the bottle before purchase. Whether that’s manually yourself in a store that sells CBD or checking the batch date after receiving an online order from a respectable CBD brand. Providing it’s in date, you’re fine to use it, with CBD having an average shelf life between 1-2 years. And yet, with CBD products, you can even use them beyond the expiry date because the potency and quality of the ingredients gradually degrade over time but will not cause any adverse effects even past the expiry date. 

Instead, you will be able to notice quite quickly with a few clear signs which will indicate that the CBD oil has in fact expired. These include: 

  • An odd smell. In the beginning, CBD oils will smell more earthy because of the natural ingredients within each bottle. However, over time oxidation will impact the ingredients, leaving a rather pungent smell past the two-year point. 
  • The taste too may be off when absorbed beyond the two-year expiration date. If it tastes bad still within the date, give the bottle a shake to separate the ingredients as the extracts close together may impact the flavour. 
  • Any CBD oil after two years will have a thicker consistency than when you first bought the bottle 

Essentially, if you absorb the oils within the expiry date, the sooner the better, because the ingredients will not only hold much better but you will get more value out of the product, which is intended to potentially help with health issues such as insomnia, anxiety and inflammation, according to early studies

Is There Any Tips for Keeping CBD Oil in a Good Condition? 

It’s important to remember that it’s not only the CBD extract you need to keep fresh but the other ingredients too. CBD manufacturers often include equally important ingredients such as the carrier at the base that binds together the cannabidol. Examples of this include olive oil, coconut-derived oil, avocado oil or even hemp seed oil. Therefore, you must keep these in top condition to not impact the overall product negatively by diminishing the shelf life. 

Other aspects to factor into your purchase decision include packaging. All CBD oil bottles should be airtight and dark-coloured to ensure no light gets into the product. Little things like that make a huge difference. While some websites may suggest refrigerating CBD oil, we wouldn’t personally recommend it as it can thicken the oil and reduce its shelf life. Best to keep at room temperature! 

It’s All About the Brand and How You Store the Product 

And another tip is to make sure you have researched the brand and they’re respected within the industry. CBD products are not as heavily regulated as the vaping industry for example (speaking of which you can also vape CBD products). Classed under novel food items, CBD products are authorised at the time of writing by the FSA, which stands for the Food Standards Agency.  

As you can expect, a reputable brand that manufactures or sources CBD products will only expect the best ingredients within a CBD oil, as well as the production process, picking the best plants and plant extraction methods (carbon dioxide method considered the best) to ensure high quality with every batch. 

To do so, ensure you keep any CBD oils in a dark space such as a kitchen cupboard to prevent any light from entering the bottle which can manipulate the flavour. 

Final Takeaway 

CBD has so many benefits, which can be used in everyday life events, as part of your morning or evening routine to help with sleep and relaxation. As we learn more about the product, it is important when investing to get maximum use out of CBD. So yes, CBD can expire like all good products but it’s equally vital that you achieve the most from each bottle by using within the date before any ingredients start to lose their value. Keep the fresh qualities going as long as possible and give it a quick check during and especially after the expiry date to test for bad smell, taste or thickness. 

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