Vsavi CBD Oil Best Flavours and Strengths Review 

CBD is all the buzz now! You can find it in UK online stores and in shops nationwide as people order at their doorstep for any number of reasons. Early studies suggest it can help people in so many ways from helping them get to sleep, to easing the symptoms of anxiety, relieving pain and lots more. Although it is a regulated industry, there are still brands out there to be careful of. You need to find a brand like Vsavi that clearly explain what is in each bottle, including all the ingredients and extractions from the cannabis plant to ensure it’s safe to use.  

The purpose of this review today is to dive deeper into the popular CBD brand and discover what all the different strengths mean, how the flavours taste, what they use as carriers for the CBD extracts and summarise if there is one, we think rules above all else. But before we break down the top flavours and strengths for ideal CBD food supplement intake, it’s important to understand what the different strengths are, why this is important and the carriers you can get in a CBD oil bottle. Let’s get to it! 

What’s in a CBD Oil Bottle?

It’s an important question because the CBD industry is growing year on year. When CBD was first available legally in the UK in 2018, you could handpick a selection of the finest brands, such as Vsavi. But fast forward five years to 2023 and there are tons of bottles out there, available in supermarkets, pharmacies and of course online.  

Any CBD manufacturer with an ounce of respect will explain to its customers what ingredients are used to produce the CBD, which is typically sold in 10ml bottles. It’s typically separated into three categories; full spectrum, isolate and broad spectrum. With strengths ranging from as little as 300mg up to 2000mg, each quantity will give different results. Then you have to factor in variables such as gender, body weight and height to understand that each bottle will always give different results depending on the individual. 

Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re after, you can proceed to pick the carrier and flavour that suits you. As VeryWell Health explains, the carrier you pick is important to dilute the CBD oil, because some natural compounds are too strong for the human body alone. Therefore, below we summarise some of the best CBD flavours available from Vsavi.  

Best CBD Oil Flavours

As you can expect from this list that we have carefully selected, although all of the Vsavi flavours are highly recommended by us, our points are subjective because what works for one person might not be better for another. It’s best to narrow down what you want from your chosen CBD oil in terms of ingredients and then find a flavour to match. 

Citrus 500mg (New)

From testing the different ranges of Vsavi CBD oil strengths and flavours, our personal favourite is the Citrus flavour. It’s not too sweet and their new range of full-spectrum oils uses a different carrier compared to the previous CBD oils. In the past, they used olive oil as the carrier which is quite common in the industry to date, because of its natural properties. Although it is a powerful ingredient, with some flavours the olive oil taste was quite prominent. 

Therefore, what we like about the new range of full-spectrum oils is the subtle nature it brings to the brand. The flavours are more calming and less powerful than the previous raw full spectrum and original collections in various strengths. 

Even though you can pick between three different strengths with the new range, we’ve opted for the 500mg Citrus as it’s a great starting point. As many try out CBD for the first time, we advise going for a lower dosage of the food supplement, trying it as part of your daily routine, whether before sleeping or first thing in the morning and then upping the dosage on a trial basis after giving it some time to enter your system and have an effect. 

Original 2000mg (First Collection) 

Whereas the Citrus CBD full spectrum contains additional extracts (terpenes, cannabinoids) and flavours, the Original collection from Vsavi is just pure CBD. And at the highest strength of 2000mg, you get just the extract from the plant and olive oil as the carrier. Therefore, when we tested it we got nothing but natural flavour, which was very strong! For some this may feel overpowering and take some getting used to, however, the benefits over the first month of testing were worth it.  

Although we wouldn’t advise for beginners, it certainly felt like it made a difference referring to the benefits listed at the beginning of this blog. Not a huge life-changing impact as this is a food supplement after all, but incremental differences spread over a longer period. Placing a few drops of these under your tongue and allowing them to soak into the system is a welcome addition to our daily routine. 

Peppermint 2000mg (New) 

Next up we have the strongest strength of the new collection from Vsavi in Peppermint flavour. This in comparison to the Original CBD oil listed at number two is much milder and more discreet in taste.  

However, what you get as an added bonus is that slight tinge of peppermint. Not so much that it feels like toothpaste under your tongue soaking into your cheeks. But a generous amount of flavour adds to the experience when you’ve reached the peak strength for CBD. Blending that with the coconut-derived MCT oil carrier is a great combination that we didn’t expect! 

Natural 1000mg (New) 

This is perfect for beginners who are contemplating CBD, curious and also a little brave based on starting at a slightly higher strength. Not that it will do any harm to you but 1000mg is typically reserved for those who have already tested it. 

As before, it’s the same unique flavour as Citrus and Peppermint, but completely natural. Compared to the Original from the previous collection, the strength is good and you can taste the coconut carrier oil, although not as much as the oil in the first collection. Mixed with terpenes and additives, it creates a calming effect on the body and mind. 

Full Spectrum Original 500mg (First Collection) 

Last but not least we have the full spectrum from the first range Vsavi offered to customers. This contains all the naturally extracted additives via the Cannabis plant in its purest form, combined with olive oil at the base. This is a very strong-tasting CBD oil in our opinion and it’s quite clear olive oil is the carrier. For a month, it didn’t have too much of an impact on the body when testing, which suggested that a higher dosage may be required.  

So, there you have it – our roundup of the top five CBD oils from Vsavi that offer a variety of flavours, strengths and profiles to match different personal needs. You can find more of their range on their website, including different CBD e-liquids if you prefer to vape CBD, as well as suitable vape kits. And if you want to make it really simple, they have CBD disposables too. 

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