Top 5 Darwin CBD Disposable Vape Flavours Review 

There are different ways of getting CBD into the body, from eating CBD gummies and absorbing CBD oils orally to applying CBD creams. But perhaps one of the most interesting and commonly used methods is through vaping CBD using a vape kit. One of the best brands for this, which is known for its various flavours and CBD strengths in an industry that is rapidly growing is Darwin. Available in disposable CBD format and as a 10ml bottle at 1000mg or 60ml option (1500mg) to vape, which is the ideal method and what are the best flavours available? Let’s get this review underway, after explaining why you should vape CBD in the first place! 

Why Vape CBD?

If you didn’t know already, CBD offers a variety of benefits that can reportedly help issues with the human body and mind such as chronic painanxiety and insomnia. One of the best ways to consume CBD into the body and perhaps one of the fastest methods is through vaping. Absorbed through inhalation straight into the system, 

Extracted from the Cannabis plant, Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the hemp plant and most importantly doesn’t contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which acts as the ‘high’ found in Cannabis that some people decide to smoke. Because vaping the most powerful method to get CBD in your system, it also provides the best results compared to other types of CBD products. With Darwin, they recommend a maximum daily CBD dose of 70mg per day and no more than approximately 200 puffs within 24 hours. 

Of the different ways to vape CBD, while we are focusing on disposable CBD vapes today from Darwin, 10ml and 60ml options are also available. For testing the brand initially, you can’t go wrong with the 10ml CBD e-liquid option in our opinion. Meanwhile, the 60ml is the best value once you know you like it and want to buy in a bigger bottle, saving you money and needing to store multiple bottles in your home. 

Darwin themselves are a fast-growing UK brand that offers a variety of CBD options to customers all over the UK and to the majority of Europe. So now that we know a bit more about them, what they offer and an overview of CBD as an industry, let’s take a look at the best Darwin CBD flavours they have to offer in 2023.  

Best Darwin CBD Disposable Flavours of 2023

Cherries, Red Berries and Menthol

A careful blend of sweet cherry notes, rich red berries (a combination) and finished off with a menthol blast, this is a great entry device into disposables through Darwin. With a 150mg CBD Broad Spectrum strength, you get no THC of course but all of the natural elements extracted from Cannabidiol, including some additional compounds from the hemp plant such as terpenes. This disposable will contain roughly 600 puffs and a built-in 400mAh battery capacity (which will not be rechargeable). The strength is one of the lowest you can get from a CBD range of products, so it will not impact you too highly but help you ease into implementing CBD in your daily routine. Once you feel like you need more, you can jump up to 300mg or more in a variety of formats!  

Cola Cubes

Another refreshing flavour which is sweet like the cola cube sweets you can buy in shops and obviously without the fizzy element you get from the classic drink, but still keeping that essence of an iconic flavour that’s interesting to mix with CBD. Again this is a 150mg disposable vape, so definitely on the smaller dosage side to test out and see if you like it. All Darwin CBD disposables contain no nicotine as they can not mix together effectively. Each Darwin disposable also has a 70% Propylene Glycol (PG) ratio compared to a 30% Vegetable Glycerine (VG) ratio, which means you get a stronger throat hit with more PG and less cloud with a smaller amount of VG. 


Next up we have a classic flavour which you can find in all types of vaping products, including nicotine vapes. This disposable is more of a mild subtle flavour, which works excellently if you want to taste more CBD flavour and less sweetener. Peppermint is typically a refreshing taste used in toothpaste and a mixture of mint flavours, and this disposable vape does not disappoint. Also the same applies as above, with a 400mAh battery, 70/30 PG to VG ratio and up to 600 CBD puffs per bar. 

Sweet Strawberry

Now for another sugary vape, with the Sweet Strawberry flavour from Darwin. Containing plenty of strawberry flavourings, it hits the sweet spot every time while offering the benefits to your body and mind CBD is known for. This one along with the option below is rated at 300mg isolate CBD strength, meaning you get more bang for your buck and something that’s double the concentrate of the first three options in this list of tasty CBD flavours from Darwin. With isolate CBD, it doesn’t contain extras such as terpenes and instead is CBD extract only, which creates a better sensation and different flavour profile.  

Cool Mint

Last up we have another CBD isolate for you, the 300mg cool mint flavour. With more of a kick to it than peppermint, your mouth will feel cool as a spring evening and leave a nice aftertaste once you have extracted the flavour and benefits out of each CBD disposable inhale from this Darwin puff bar.  

We hope you like this list as much as we enjoyed testing them and keep a look out for more blogs like this. Vaping is an intriguing subject and an increasingly popular form of trying CBD, with new flavours out all the time. For even more options from Darwin that didn’t make the list of our favourites (which is subjective after all), check the other 300mg Darwin disposables out here

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