Is Vaping a Stronger Dosage of CBD Better?

In the past few years, stretching between three and five at the most, we have seen a real take off in the CBD market. With lots of different ways to consume the food additive stemming from the cannabis plant, it’s only grown in popularity. However, little research or knowledge of how much is a useful dosage to take can sometimes stunt the growth of a fast-emerging industry.

To best understand the ideal quantity a person should take, we need to understand the best way to consume CBD and what makes a good strength.

Before you can even get started, it’s important to think about why you want to take CBD. One of the 113 different chemical compounds found in the Cannabis plant, its uses and ‘benefits’ are widespread and discussed between scientists and enthusiasts alike. You can consume them as edibles, add a couple of drops on the tongue and even in meals.

Nevertheless, one of the most popular ways to add CBD to your routine is through vaping, which is also an emerging industry which has risen rapidly to become a viable alternative to smoking. Inhaling CBD using an e-cigarette ‘vaporiser’ or ‘vape pen’ is in fact one of the quickest ways to get CBD into your system.

Now you know what CBD is and the different methods to try CBD, let’s take an in-depth look at vaping CBD, why vaping is frequently used as the technique to reap the benefits of CBD and using this key to unlock the right door – helping you find the right strength.

What’s the right strength for vaping CBD?

While CBD is regulated and approved for use in the UK, so many different ways of consuming CBD and understanding the right mg dosage can be confusing, especially for beginners. You need to find a brand that’s recognised by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), which became the lead council for the UK CBD industry in 2019. If you find an established brand that offers a range of CBD strengths, next on the agenda is finding the dosage that meets your requirements.

This might depend on a range of factors. You might be planning on using CBD because you’ve heard about the wide list of potential benefits it can help address, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Cancer patients
  • Pain management
  • Sleep disorders

The strength of your CBD intake depends on numerous factors determined by the reason for doing it. It could be one of those listed above or something completely different. What you need to consider when choosing the number of milligrams you take is criteria such as your body mass, 

Although vaping is not for everyone and you might not want to inhale CBD, it’s a handy way to track how many mg you intake each day. Advanced devices called mods and some pods for beginners can track how much CBD you use by checking the puff counter.

Are some CBDs stronger than others?

Because you can pick up CBD in lots of different bottle sizes and strengths, you’re spoilt for choice but also face a dilemma. The three key ways to differentiate them is by the ingredients and quality of each product, with tested CBD products available in three different types:

  1. Isolate
  2. Broad Spectrum
  3. Full Spectrum

Also ensure that they do not contain any Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes the high when people smoke cannabis. Not to worry with CBD, this is a non-toxic food additive, with studies showing even high doses of up to 1000-2000mg per day did not affect the humans involved in clinical trials, although the Food Standards Agency recommends no more than 70mg a day.

What’s good about vaping is CBD does not need to fight the body as hard to work its way through your system. For example, with edibles the stomach works its magic to diffuse some of the benefits CBD can produce. However, with vaping, because you inhale into your lungs instead, it acts much faster (although benefiting for the least amount of time), working its way into the bloodstream more effectively. For those suffering with pain, it can make a big difference.

How to calculate your CBD intake

No set amount works for everyone, because we’re designed in different ways. One man standing at 210cm will require more than another at 160cm, based on size alone. If you have to think about other considerations such as individual tolerance to CBD, diet and any illnesses you may have that could affect its limitations. What we recommend is starting on a small dose and judging accordingly. You can calculate the amount of CBD you vape by following the method below:

Total CBD milligrams (mg) in the bottle ÷ Millilitres (ml) in the bottle = Total CBD per 1ml

You don’t want to go too high and damage your immune system, so best to play it safe and start with a small amount of CBD per ml. How you metabolise the CBD is different from the next person too, so err on the side of caution. Aside from using mods for vaping which we discussed earlier, you could also try a suitable CBD vaporiser that’s easy to use and top up with CBD e-liquid.

For more information about how to take CBD, and to discover our list of reputable CBD suppliers, feel free to get in touch with us here at CBD Reviews UK.