Why buy from reputable CBD Company?

How do you determine a reputable CBD company from one that has simply jumped on the bandwagon without regard for quality?

CBD has becomes somewhat big business. From traditional products such as CBD sublingual oil and CBD vape oil, you’ll now find a range of household products from numerous brands that all contain the popular cannabinoid. Additionally, due to the popularity of CBD, you’ll more than likely come across CBD products sold by market sellers and online retailers who swear convincingly that they have the best CBD. But how do you determine a reputable CBD company from one that has simply jumped on the bandwagon without regard for quality?

What Makes a CBD Company Reputable?  

It’s not always easy to identify who the reputable CBD sellers are, but there are a few a things to look out for and a few questions you may like to ask your intended CBD purveyor about the products in question. 

Before investing any of your hard-earned money, your first port of call should be to do some independent research. A quick search online for CBD companies in the UK will yield countless results, though what you’ll be looking for is online reviews of those companies. Do some digging and see what fellow CBD users are saying. This will require some discretion on your part as you sift between organic and manufactured reviews, however, companies with positive reviews that outweigh the negative will be a great starting point in determining which CBD company is reputable and which is not.

When it comes to the cost of your CBD products, a company labelling their products with high concentrations of the cannabinoid, coupled with a low and attractive price point, will usually mean that not all is what it seems. You’ll be familiar with the age-old expression, ‘honesty is the best policy’. Well, this is true of reputable CBD companies too. Companies who profess that their CBD will cure a long list of ailments may simply be reeling you in with some convincingly sounding content, when the reality may not be so straightforward. Beware of the stories that sound too good to be true and try to trust the word of fellow CBD users posting reviews online. 

CBD is great for supporting a healthy lifestyle, and there is some very interesting medical research, taking place out there in the scientific community. But the reality is, products you buy on the high street or online, will not be the kind of concentrations that are currently being examined. 

What to look out for in a Quality CBD Product

In addition to your very own research, there will be several key indicators that’ll inform you of which CBD companies are legitimate.

Paying attention to the labelling and packaging of your intended CBD products is a visual way to know whether the CBD you’re buying is what it says it is. The label of your CBD should feature the following information;

·     Batch number– determines it’s laboratory origin

·     Use by Date– when you should use the product by

·     The concentration of CBD– displayed in mg or a percentage

·     The volume of product– should be displayed as 10ml

·     Type of CBD– Full Spectrum, High-Grade Hemp extract etc

·     List of ingredients– flavourings and carrier liquids

A reputable company who sells quality CBD are not going to be afraid of being forthcoming about where their product has come from. A quick enquiry via phone or by email will help you find out not only where your CBD is sourced from, but those companies confident that their products contain what they say they do will also be able to provide you with an all-important certificate of analysis. The Certificate of Analysis produced by a third-party laboratory will display information about quality and consistency, as well as the number of specific cannabinoids found within the sample.

Why Buying Unregulated Products is Dangerous?

You may be aware of the recent spate of lung illnesses linked to vaping unregulated THC products in the US and you may question whether you should you choose to vape CBD Oil in the first place. Here in the UK and EU, all vaping products fall under the stringent and well-regulated guidelines of the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD). Manufacturers must go through rigorous testing before bringing their products to market and must avoid using several chemicals unfit for human consumption which have been banned by the TPD as ingredients. This kind of regulation means that e-liquids made in the UK and EU are some of the safest e-liquids in the world.

However, in America, the legalization of cannabis across many of the states, together with a particularly lacklustre regulatory framework set by the FDA, has left the vaping industry open to some dangerous practices. While a common cause has yet to be determined, chemicals such as Vitamin E Acetate, which are banned under the TPD have found their way into a range of US vape liquids, which has left thousands of vapers hospitalized and in severe cases resulted in fatalities.  

As well as the TPD, reputable CBD companies associated with the Cannabis Trades Association adhere to guidelines set by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) which means the CBD products you buy will be safe to consume and more importantly regulated.

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