Enjoy a Relaxing Festive Season with CBD

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Started your Christmas shopping? Know how you’ll be celebrating the New Year? This simple trio of questions can be enough to induce a pandemic of panic, for all that Christmas should be, and mean – the calm and the serene – the festive season and all that comes with it can be a stressful time for some. Coping mechanisms at the ready as we steady the ship and sail into the sea of tinsel, name-tags and familiar, but usually forgotten territory that only yuletide yields upon our lives. Thought about trying to ease your seasonal stress with the help of CBD? Let’s check out how this natural and organic cannabinoid extract may help you on your way to a merry Christmas this year.


With another year of hard work done, hopefully, you’ll be getting some time off for the holidays, the chance to unwind and recharge the batteries before it all starts again. If you’re new to CBD, moments like these are ideal for trying CBD for the first time. CBD comes in a variety of forms including vape oil, drops, paste and balm as well as many more, and can be ingested in many ways. Known to have a calming and relaxing effect, why not maximise your lazy time and vape CBD whilst watching your favourite Christmas movies.

One CBD customer commented: “I would highly recommend this oil. Apart from the obvious health benefits (google it). You sleep wonderfully when you are taking it.”


That last minute dash to the supermarket for cranberry sauce or the moment you realise your mother-in-law is unwrapping the naughty negligee that you had sourced for your spouse, Christmas can be a crazy time for one and all. But what about the anxiety that might be met by meeting new people or even attending large social gatherings?

Another CBD customer commented: “I suffer from some fairly chronic anxiety when confronted with large crowds and a few drops of this oil mixed with a fruit juice shortly before I’m presented with such an encounter really seems to help keep me stay calm, which subsequently means I actually enjoy my time out – literally life-changing.”


It’s not just you and I that may benefit from using CBD this Christmas and New Year. Similarly to you and me, our pets may also suffer from anxiety, and additionally also have their very own endocannabinoid system, making CBD a viable supplement to introduce into your pet’s diet.

If you happen to be hosting a particularly large gathering that you think might stress out your beloved Bull Terrier Boris or perhaps the impending pops and bangs of fireworks that strike fear into Samantha the Cocker Spaniel, come New Year’s Eve, giving CBD to your pets mixed with their food or ideally administered straight under their tongues may just go some way to helping them have an altogether more pleasant holiday season. Check out this dosage guide for pets for an idea of how much CBD to use for your pets depending on their size.

If your pet is on any medication we would advise that you should have a full and frank conversation with your vet before embarking on this journey with your pet.

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